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My Dear Friends, 

For the past several months I have been evaluating what to do next as an artist and as a citizen of planet earth.  There has been no way for me to describe how disconcerting these past few years have been for me regarding the nature and thrust of current governments, corporations, et al.  I am sure you have your own disquieting feelings.  I know this because I have heard from many of you.  When we were doing Dialogue through Poetry, I at least felt I was doing something creative, constructive if not changing some minds and hearts.  For these past several months I have been engaged in some incredibly deep soul searching as to what my responsibility is in all of this and what could be done about it.  Well I am ready to knock on the doors of oppression on this planet and present our demands and hopes.  In fact I am ready to use a jack hammer or battering ram or wrecking ball to get our point across.   

As poets we have a huge responsibility to come forth and speak only as we can and let the world know just how intolerable this is. Poets for Human Rights have begun. There is a web site starting www.poetsforhumanrights.org, a magazine called Rope and a blog which I am setting up now. Please tell your friends about this cause, this endeavor. We can do much to influence this world with the primary goal is freedom for all. 

I encourage your response. It will take some work to get this all going. I know many of you will volunteer to help and I appreciate it. We plan on having an International Human Rights Poetry Festival on December 10, 2006 (International Human Rights Day).  And just as we did with Dialogue have these readings in cities all around the world.  This gives us a year of planning and preparation.   

To sign up for Poets for Human Rights click here:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PoetsforHumanRights/

Personally, I am very excited about what incredible effects we can and will create.  I surely look forward to hearing from each of you.

Much Love,