Poetry for Southern California




We are most fortunate too have some incredible poets and writers working for us here at Poetix.  Each of our correspondents/contributors in the various locations (dubbed poetories) as well as some outstanding commentaries from the likes of Teka Lark and Mike Sonksen.  We cover from SLO (San Luis Obispo) with Mr. Poetry himself Kevin Patrick Sullivan to San Diego's divo (male version of diva) Michael Klam and everywhere in between:  Ventura/Santa Barbara with the rapier wit of Mr. Phil Taggart, Los Angeles gives us the lovely and quintessential Carlye Archibeque, and of course The OC where we get to read two of our finest M. C. Bruce and Jaimes Palaccio).  We have just added the bright young voice of Chelsea Kurnick to our OC crew.
Our editors from each territory are each fantastic poets and hosts in their own right.  We are privileged to have them as part of Poetix. 

Jennifer Donnell Guest Editorial
Nelson Gary Guest Editorial
Andrea Scarpino Guest Editorial
Maria Machado Guest Editorial
Chicago Surrealist Group Guest Editorial
Frankie Drayus Guest Editorial
Corrie Greathouse Guest Editorial
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Jerry Garcia Guest Editorial
Pablo Capra Guest Editorial
Alistair Noon Guest Editorial
Stacey Mangiaracina Guest Editorial
Alaina Alexander Guest Editorial
Theresa Antonia Guest Editorial
Marie Lecrivain Guest Editorial
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Carlye Archibeque Guest Editorial
Jerry Garcia Guest Editorial
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