Anne Silver

A Moment in Time

May She Fly like an Angel




There are many many ways to bid farewell to a friend, there are stories, and allegories and tribute poetry but I think the best way is a poem of Anne's that truly relates her giganticness.  We wish to keep this very simple and full of her love.


Could I love the starlit sky
if I did not also love the sun
the reflection of the meadow in a horseís eye
the curve of my nose
even the sound of my own voice
though I have spoken with the spite of Esau
and wept because I had asked for too much?

How can I not love and thank
the Host of this entire universe?
I canít imagine not begging to stay
no matter when itís my time,
but when I must,
I want to leave
blowing kisses off my fingertips
and using my last breath to say
I have loved it all.

Anne Silver

February 20, 1951 to October 20 2005